We have wanted to work in the hospitality industry for a long time; to come up with something out of the ordinary and exciting that we can be proud of and our ancestors would also approve of. The ball is in our court, as they say; success most definitely

Since our ancestors have been practicing the butcher’s trade for 140 years, and our family currently owns a meat processing plant, there was no question about what our base ingredients would be.

Spicing and marinating a tasty sausage or a juicy piece of ham is not very different from a well-prepared meal. The secret to delicious food is quality, fresh ingredients that come from a reliable source; and at that, we have an advantage over other restaurateurs.

Both my husband and I are great gourmands; we enjoy trying out new food only to return to the basics in our daily lives. My favourite, after all, is mother’s cooking, and the way my grandmother used to prepare Sunday lunches. Still early in the week, the family would try guessing what we would have in the weekend. Later, when I was admitted to university, the Sunday lunches with the extended family were what I missed the most. I resolved back then that when I “grow up” and stand on my own two feet, I would open a restaurant that served the favourite meals of our family.

Both my grandfathers were butchers, and my grandmothers tried to indulge them. So they would cook the butchers’ favourites each day. This is where the idea of starting a small eatery or bistro, in modern terms, dubbed “the butchers’ kitchen”, where, if Grandpa Bandi came in and had a hearkening for a nice beef sandwich, he’d lick his fingers when he finished.

We wished to open a bistro where people would quite simply feel good and eat well, at an acceptable price. We can guarantee the same quality to our clients regardless of whether they’re coming in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and we try to offer five-star service.

Bygone recipes, old flavours, a whiff of nostalgia, tender meat, crispy garnish, scents that lead to reminiscing – this is not just about food, but so much more. We wanted a restaurant that has all of these. In order to achieve this, we looked for an expert we could be on the same wavelength with, and could design a menu that is unique but still familiar. Master chef Náday Egon has the intuition to guess what people today want to see on their table. Another member of our team is our business manager, Farkas Endre, who is always working, both physically and mentally, to make sure that the bistro runs well.

Our dishes

Naturally, our main selection is made up of meat and specialties made from it. We have meat dishes that we marinate for 2-3 weeks and fry for 5-6 hours.

Next to classical dishes, we also have “street-food” sandwiches and other specialties that can be eaten on the go. We haven’t forgotten about lovers of soups, salads and desserts either, and we came up with tasty treats for them as well.

Our food is simple and delicious. We guarantee that your experience here will be an unforgettable one.


The success of being a restaurateur lies in the base ingredients used. In order to ensure quality ingredients, we would, above all, like to rely on local suppliers.

We buy fresh fruit and vegetables from small traditional farms in the Niraj Valley and the produce market. We select the ingredients carefully according to the current season.

Fortunately, our region is famous for its excellent dairy products whose flavour is characteristically Transylvanian. We use the cheeses and other dairy products from the Therezia milk plant at Pănet as well as dairy farmers from Valea Strâmbă and Rimetea. 

Meat is a given, since one and a half centuries of experience stand behind the quality ensured by the Petry brand. Cuts of meat in special marinade, cured veal, sauces made from natural spices, smoked delicacies: these can only be made if quality raw ingredients are already ensured.

A child-, dog- and bike-friendly establishment

Our goal is to be a family-friendly establishment. We can provide stools for children and facilities for changing diapers.

We support travelling by bike, so we are planning to build a bicycle rack in the near future.

Our bistro is also dog-friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friend as well – as long as they can be managed.

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